Although toys of various types have existed throughout history, it’s only since the industrial revolution that mechanical toys have come into their own. These toys have had two lives; first their primary use as a plaything to entertain or educate a child. If preserved, they have then moved into their second phase and have been handed down to be admired by the next generation.

Owing to the rapid pace of evolution since the turn of the twentieth century, each represents a unique insight into the design and function of the machine that the toy replicates. In most cases, this has been a form of transport: ­ boats, aeroplanes, trains or automobiles.

Because many toys have been regarded in the past as disposable, their rarity has increased. It was as early as the 1930´s that serious collections were started. Since then, collectors from all walks of life have been preserving these toys. Vintage toys are now appreciated by an international audience for their historical, cultural and artistic value.

Whether it is the thrill of the hunt, the research of the item, its artistic splendour, precision design, historical significance, or the camaraderie of the toy-collecting world, collecting antique toys is a truly rewarding and fulfilling pursuit.

Hudson Scott Biscuit Tin Delivery Van made for the Spanish market - 1905

The World of Antique Toys

We are also proud to be the very first Gallery of its type, where a wide range of Antique Toys are represented, and sincerely hope to serve and advise you on any aspect of buying or selling antique toys.

And now, we have great pleasure in inviting you to download free-of-charge the PDF version of one of the most important and informative reference books on the subject of antique toys, published in 1990: "The World of Antique Toys" . Included in this book is the most expensive toy in the world which featured in the 1992 Guinness Book of Records.

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